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Kit vs From Scratch

Since their American introduction in the ‘70s, a small cohort of yurt manufacturers now offer their own versions of a kit that includes all the required materials for building a yurt. These kits utilize modern materials and structural engineering standards capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and decades of use.

You may be thinking, “Hold on a second! This site’s own name is a pun on ‘doing it yourself!’  You’re having a company do all the hard work and you’re just assembling the pieces together.” Yes, in some ways you’re right. However, the modern yurt structure has been refined to a degree that would be near impossible to replicate by hand on your own. For the sake of time and quality, we’ve decided to build our yurt from a kit as most people here in the US have done before us.

If you would like to go down the path of milling your own ring, constructing precise lattice walls and sewing together an industrial vinyl cover, I wish you all the best. Please document your build and share it. I’ll definitely be impressed.

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